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BCM Fareva. LVC Specials Manufacturing Facility

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About the client.

BCM is part of Fareva, one of the world’s leading subcontractors in the industrial and household, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals fields. BCM manufactures consumer pharma and beauty products for many famous brands, as well as special prescription medicines through BCM Specials. It operates from a MHRA and FDA approved factory in Nottingham.

The brief.

BCM required a new close controlled manufacturing unit to be designed and built as a stand-alone facility, adjacent to the existing Specials Manufacturing Department.

The new unit needed to meet a Class D Cleanroom Specification with close control of temperature and humidity, along with a cascading positive pressure regime to ensure that there could be no contamination migrating in from the surrounding GMP factory environment.

"We were amazed that the whole clean room was commissioned and fully validated within 3 days"

Our solution.

The infrastructure we built was made up of Kingspan Puracore panels within the Kingspan Precision Cleanroom Partitioning system, with flush finished windows and doors, fully interlocked at air locks.

It also included a fully sealed metal pan suspended ceiling with integrated lighting, and a polyurethane resin floor with coved skirting. This formed a homogenous construction which fully met the requirements of the Class D cleanroom.

In addition, we installed HVAC equipment and HEPA filtration and controls systems, in a newly constructed plant room.

Phil Bellamy, Engineering Manager at BCM Fareva, was delighted with the end result, saying “Roshal delivered this superb state-of-the-art facility on time and within budget. We were amazed that the whole clean room was commissioned and fully validated within 3 days, which really surprised and delighted us as complicated systems such as this can quite often take several weeks to pass all of the validation requirements. We will certainly be looking at Roshal to help us with future projects.”

Service used for this project

Controlled environments

We understand this specialist area, having worked with pharma, food and manufacturing clients.

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