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Controlled environments.

We have a great depth of knowledge in this specialist area.

About this service.

Many of our clients are in the pharma and food manufacturing industries, so we are experienced at designing and installing clean rooms, laboratories, segregated manufacturing areas and highly-regulated equipment washdown facilities. We also have clients in the utilities and environmental sectors and so we’ve worked on projects such as data back up centres, field laboratories and bio security control facilities.

We’ll work collaboratively with you to design solutions that meet your detailed requirements. We have a wide range of skills in-house, including mechanical and electrical engineering staff.

We understand that this type of work has to meet regulatory scrutiny at every stage in order to gain certification, including quality checks throughout the project such as DQ (Design Quality) IQ (Installation Quality) and PQ (Performance Quality).

The benefits.

HVAC systems

We can design and install heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC).

Clean rooms

We can design and build custom clean rooms up to ISO Class 4 standards.

Cascading pressure regimes

We have great experience in designing positive and negative pressure regimes to suit specific manufacturing requirements.

Data centres

Including comprehensive systems for temperature and humidity control, fire suppression systems, security requirements and data logging and monitoring.

In-house design

Our talented team take care of all design works including change control requirements.

Energy efficiency analysis

We provide comprehensive analysis of running costs, ROI and energy efficiencies.

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