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May 26. 2023

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The Importance of DSE Assessments and having the correct furniture for your staff

A DSE assessment is a physical assessment of risks associated with the use of Display Screen Equipment (DSE) such as computers, laptops, tablets, and other display screens at work.

It is essential for anyone who uses display screen equipment as part of their everyday job.

As DSE is now one of the most commonly used types of work equipment, HSE introduced The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 to protect the health of those who work with DSE.

Within our team we have professionally trained DSE assessors who can work with you to carry out DSE Assessments on your workforce or work with you to support your own assessments.

Why are DSE assessments are important?

Many companies underestimate the importance of DSE assessments or do not think they are relevant until a health issue arises such as a bad back or requirements resulting from an operation. However, this is not the case especially in a world where there is common use of hot-desking, dual screens, and mobile technology such as tablet PCs, smartphones and laptop use. Ergonomic seating is vital for well-being in the workplace.

The main objective of a DSE Assessment is to ensure that a person’s workstation is set up for them to achieve the best possible posture whilst carrying out necessary tasks and Roshal can help with this. We will work with you to ensure that all employees have a work place set up in accordance to DSE guidelines, their equipment is fit for purpose, positioned correctly and good practice is known and applied minimising the risk of injury in the long term.

How can it benefit the employer?

Carrying out a DSE Assessment promotes your commitment to ‘healthy working’ and shows you are meeting the requirements of the regulation. There are many benefits of offering this assessment and providing the right products to meet your employees’ requirements which includes improving the health, wellbeing, and morale of your employees, sustaining productivity as a result of reduced sickness absence, minimising the likelihood of compensation claims for upper limb disorders (ULD) reducing administration costs, encouraging positive behaviour and the adoption of DSE good practice and contributing to an improved organisational safety culture. It’s all the good stuff!

After carrying out a DSC assessment within your workplace we can provide you the suitable products to satisfy the needs of your employees and the personalised requirements they may have.  It is a necessity for seating that offers adequate variable and flexible support which can be adjusted sufficiently to suit all.

We offer a range of ergonomic products such as chairs with multiple extras and benefits such as inflatable lumbar support catering, sit-down, stand-up desks electric desks and anti-fatigue mats.

We also work closely with our furniture suppliers when ordering DSE relevant products and therefore our clients can have the reassurance that their requirements will be assessed by us and then verified by a futher DSE assessor, ergonomic specialist and physiotherapist.

Find out more about our fully qualified staff, our DSE assessment and arrange a meeting with us to discuss your requirements. We are here to help, advice and support you in your assessments and can provide the product you will need to meet your staff’s requirements, as personalised as they need.

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