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The brief.

To carry out the fixed wire testing on a percentage of the D82 Warehouse and office area. All Distribution boards were to be located and mapped out by us to produce an electrical schematic layout drawing.


Fixed Installation Testing or Periodic Inspection and Testing, as it is often referred to, is a report on the electrical wiring of a property, outlining any defects it may have that can prove to be a safety hazard.  The Owner of a building or the ‘Duty Holder’ has a duty of care to the users of that building.  The wiring within buildings is an area that is often taken for granted, yet it can be a major cause of fire, injury and even death through electric shocks. In order to help ensure that a building is safe it is the responsibility of the Duty Holder to comply with the ‘Electricity at Work Regulations 1989’.


Our solution.

The area where the work is to take place is a 24 hour work factory with many staff and power supplies that can only be made available for testing within allocated time slots. The building is an old building and with poor maintenance over many years made it difficult to find the circuits for testing.


The work was successfully carried out over a twelve week period

Roshal’s Solution was to work alongside the warehouse operational and logistical managers to trace out circuits using our twenty-year long site knowledge and understanding of the conveyor system and workings of the factory. Out of hour shifts were arranged to tackle the issues and avoid minimum disruption.



The work was successfully carried out over a twelve week period and a full NICEIC report was issued with a list of all defects and recommendations to work. The client asked us to quote for these remedial works and an order was promptly placed for us to schedule and undertake these additional works.

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